Scholarship For Selvan.R.Vigneshwaran

Scholarship For Selvan.R.Vigneshwaran

Selvan.. R . Vigneshwaran Chennai, Adyar, Kumararani Meena Muthiaya College of Arts & Science , B.Com 2nd year poor student who is studying successfully passed both semesters last year also Sathyamegajayam with your support Paid the fees. This year also we have paid the fees with your support. And thank you so much for your support to complete his UG. "Vidhyathanam" is the best donation. Selvan.R.Vigneswaran studying Chennai, Adaiyar, Kumararani Meena Muthiya College of Arts & Science , B.Com 2nd year needy student, he passed all the 2 semesters successfully, last year fee paid by Sathiyamehjayam because of your support , this 2nd year fees also paid because of your support , kindly extant your support future for- Vidyadanam to the needy student.