About Us

Sathiyameh Jayam Charitable Trust was founded in 2008, with the mission to mobilize socio-economic change and holistic development of students from underprivileged communities in the country through good quality education. Since its inception, it has been instrumental in setting up quality infrastructure to promote educational and developmental activities in rural areas and marginalized communities. We proudly call ourselves a secular and non-political organization that also provides a great helping hand to visually challenged people, and old age people and works towards the promotion of tribal children’s education at rural locations.

The organization is a beacon of hope for the needy, disabled, and underprivileged children, who do not have access to basic resources needed for completing their education. We equip them with the right resources, infrastructure, materials, uniforms, etc. so that they can pursue their career and move ahead in life toward a brighter future.

Our interventions and recommendations are purely based on rigorous action-oriented research and evidence and aim to provide life-changing education to deserving underprivileged students. 

Our Story

Our non-profit’s story started with our initial initiative to help the blind. Not everything is easy for the visually challenged. They take time to adapt to any kind of work. Therefore, we decided to address this issue by training them in a special way so that they can adapt to the kind of work that they are interested in. We did not just stop our service by providing them with training but also created work opportunities for them in the particular field they trained in. These opportunities that we created opened up new avenues for the visually challenged so that they can carry on their lives without depending on others. This noble initiative led us to start the non-profit “ Sathiyameh Jayam Charitable Trust”.

The trust started as a small initiative in 2008, to help needy people and

marginalized sections of society. This desire to help and bring hope to the lives of people grew stronger and made us what we are today. We were registered as a non-profit in the year 2010 and started expansion plans by running fundraising campaigns with help of our donors. This helped us to provide support to thousands of people through the trust. The organization has been dedicatedly involved in educational and developmental activities in rural villages, especially the marginalized communities since its inception. The trust has the ambition to purchase land around Chennai and build a good building with all necessary facilities to house at least 100 tribal children and senior citizens and provide them with good food, shelter, and quality medical care. 


The founder, Mr. G. Arjunan was born in a village at Peraiyur, Mannargudi in Tamilnadu in a farming family. Since his childhood, he devoted himself to helping needy people. It gave him a sense of satisfaction to provide such humanitarian services to people in need. Further, he was committed to providing job opportunities for the visually challenged as well as helping old age people, tribal children, and many others.