Rural Child Education

The state of rural education and government schools in rural areas really needs to go through a stark change. Lack of basic infrastructure and facilities are a hindrance to the growth of the students. At Sathiyameh Jayam we have pledged to improve the level of education in rural schools and help the students realize their full potential by adopting schools from such remote and undeveloped areas. 

We adopt these government schools and ensure that basic facilities are provided to them so that they receive quality education and also learn other co-curricular activities for overall development.We focus on the following aspects:-

  • Provide students with uniform, bags, stationeries, notebooks, etc. 

  • Provide sports items 

  • Build computer labs and provided personal computers

  • Feed the students nutritious meals

  • Provide clothes for students in festivals

At present, we are proud to have adopted three schools and helped around 300 students. The adopted schools are:-

  • Panchayat Union Primary school, Erumbur village, Vandhavasi Taluk, Thiruvanammalai District

  • Aadhi Dravidar Welfare School, Erumbur village, Vandhavasu Taluk, Thiruvanammalai District 

  • Panchayat Union Middle School,Nambedu,Thiruvannamalai District

Donation Campaigns

Contribute towards providing school uniforms to rural students and make a difference in their lives.


Donate Books

Donate books or provide financial support to buy books for rural schools so that children get good quality education.


Donate stationeries to rural school students and help them in their education. 


Social Impact


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